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Vinyl Flooring Melbourne

Find the right flooring for your home or business thanks to the experts at First Flooring. With over 70 years of hands-on experience, knowledge, and training our skilled flooring professionals can add character, class, and style to your property without hassle.

As one of Melbourne’s leading flooring companies First Flooring proudly incorporates a number of effective and expressive flooring options for the right price. Resilient, easy to clean, and available in a number of stylish designs, our vinyl flooring gives Melbourne residents a low-maintenance and high-quality flooring option. Custom-cut to suit your property First Flooring can install vinyl flooring in kitchens, laundries, and other environments that are likely to be exposed to wet conditions.

Vinyl Planks Melbourne

At First Flooring it is our ambition to deliver premium flooring solutions and services to improve the quality of domestic and commercial environments across the Melbourne metro area. Able to faithfully and realistically imitate the natural grooves, patterning, and textures of timber planks our beautiful and functional vinyl planks give Melbourne homes and businesses a cost-effective and resilient alternative to timber flooring. Available in a number of styles and colours our vinyl planks are easy to install and will protect your floor from spills and stains.

Commercial Vinyl Melbourne

Made to last and designed to be easy to clean, vinyl flooring is found in both domestic and commercial properties across Melbourne. To ensure that we deliver a professional and relevant service First Flooring has the qualifications and the knowledge to supply and custom-install commercial vinyl flooring in Melbourne businesses.

Commercial vinyl flooring in Melbourne is water resistant and extremely easy to clean and maintain, making it a highly-effective flooring option for customers needing to keep their environment tidy. We’re the obvious choice for commercial vinyl across Melbourne and with our experience, you can trust you’ll get the best solution and results.

Industrial Vinyl Flooring Melbourne

If you’re looking for the best industrial vinyl flooring Melbourne has to offer, then First Flooring is here to help. We’ve worked on a range of properties across the city and provide amazing solutions to every company, giving them a reliable and durable floor that looks smart and can handle the wear and tear it will go through.

The benefits of vinyl flooring include durability, a huge range of looks, styles and finishes and being easy to clean, which are important factors to consider for any business, but especially an industrial setting where cleanliness is important. Compared to other types of flooring, industrial vinyl flooring in Melbourne has many benefits, including the cost factor, as it can be cheaper than many alternatives.

To learn more about our reliable industrial vinyl flooring in Melbourne, or to arrange for a free quote, give us a call today on 03 9544 4330.

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With A Huge Range Of Vinyl Available, Below Is A Small Sample Of What We Can Offer

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Bangalow Barnwood CP8777

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Bleached Ash CP8222

Vinyl Flooring Services 2342342342333243242434242342342

Blonde Oak CP540

Vinyl Flooring Services 2342342342333243242434242342342

Burnt Applewood CP2222

Vinyl Flooring Services 2342342342333243242434242342342

Charred Timber CP8999

Vinyl Flooring Services 2342342342333243242434242342342

Concrete Nouveau  CP8808

Vinyl Flooring Services 234234234233443242334234232342342342

Light Limed Oak CP24180

Vinyl Flooring Services 2342342341231223122333243242434242342342

Natural Oak CP8801

Vinyl Flooring Services 234234234233443242334234232342342342

NSW Ironbark CP8802

Vinyl Flooring Services 234234234122313131223122333243242434242342342

Queensland Silver Ash CP8610

Vinyl Flooring Services 23423423423344323423242334234232342342342

Rustic Cedar CP8103

Vinyl Flooring Services 234234234142342322313131223122333243242434242342342

White Ash CP8388

Vinyl Flooring Services 2342342342334432342324233422343234232342342342

White Wash Oak CP8645

Vinyl Flooring Services 234234234123442342322313131223122333243242434242342342

Wild Elm CP8806

Vinyl Flooring Services 2342342342334432342324233422343234232342342342

Commercial Vinyl Flooring Melbourne

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First Flooring Offers Commercial Vinyl Services


Residential Vinyl Flooring Melbourne

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First Flooring Offers Residential Vinyl Services


Vinyl Flooring Installation

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We Are The Vinyl Flooring Experts

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Vinyl Flooring Services 12312312312 12312312312
Vinyl Flooring Services 12312312312 12312312312
Vinyl Flooring Services 12312312312 12312312312