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Concrete Grinding
Concrete Grinding

Have you been looking for a flooring company that has the ability to bring your floors back from the brink? Do the right thing by your property by trusting the experts at First Flooring. With our decades of training and experience supplying and installing premium and long-lasting flooring options our fully-qualified experts can be relied on to greatly improve domestic and commercial environments across Melbourne’s metro area and beyond.

As professional flooring experts the team at First Flooring understand the importance of delivering a complete flooring experience to all of our customers, regardless of their desires. Along with the supply and installation services we proudly offer, we also provide a wide range of personalised repair and maintenance services and solutions to rejuvenate flooring including carpeting, concrete, and tiling, to increase the comfort and morale of domestic and commercial residents throughout Melbourne.

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Incorporating advanced and detailed techniques into our improvement works, along with exclusive use of the right equipment, First Flooring can complete bespoke and level concrete grinding on Melbourne concrete floors. Designed to repolish and resurface uneven and deteriorating concrete floors our concrete grinding refreshes even the worst looking concrete floor, increasing its lifespan and improving its look.

Along with our methodical and personalised concrete grinding Melbourne residents can trust First Flooring to conduct releveling and epoxy coating applications to further improve the resilience and appearance of your concrete flooring. At First Flooring we strive to deliver the best floor for all Melburnians for the right price. To take advantage of our renowned services and our decades of experience give us a call today.

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Industrial Grinding Melbourne

For proven and professional services in industrial concrete grinding, Melbourne clients know to turn to the expert team here at First Flooring.

An old or obviously worn concrete floor can do much more than compromise the appearance of your business, it can point to a damaged or deteriorating surface and pose potential safety hazard. At First Flooring we have the experience and knowledge needed to provide a grinding service for industrial concrete floors in any condition. Whether they need a comprehensive service, or just a minor touch up, we are the team that you want on the job.

Our industrial concrete grinding solutions increase the durability of the material, removing areas of wear that could become a serious issue down the line and leaving a smooth and even surface. Our work also assists in reducing the amount of maintenance required to keep the concrete in good condition, while also increasing the skid resistance of the surface.

For more information on the lasting benefits of our services in industrial concrete grinding, Melbourne customers can call 03 9544 4330.