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Flake Floors
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Available in a wide selection of colours, and providing simple and hassle-free maintenance solutions, it’s no surprise why flake floors are so popular.

Here at First Flooring we have installed flake floors across Melbourne, working with customers from a number of diverse industries and businesses to provide them with a flooring solution that is tailored to their specific needs.

Flake floors provide greater aesthetic appeal than single-colour flooring alternatives, and can be used to easily divide an open or multi-purpose space, such as a factory floor. The multicoloured flakes do not follow a set pattern or predetermined design, instead providing the floor with an organic look that resembles natural tones and materials.

As well as serving as a functional and cost-effective flooring option for just about any business, professionally installed flake flooring can also help to add value to your commercial property.

To learn more about the lasting benefits of flake flooring, or to speak with our team about our range of other flooring solutions and services such as floor removals and tile installation, simply pick up the phone and call First Flooring today.

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Premium Garage Flake Floors for Melbourne Customers

Here at First Flooring we are proud to be recognised as a leading name in the supply and installation of garage flake floors across Melbourne.

Our qualified team share years of industry experience, and have worked with customers from a diverse range of industries to provide them with the highest quality flake flooring solutions suited to their garage space.

Flake flooring is so often found in garages because of its seamless appearance and lasting toughness. They won’t peel or fade over time, allowing them to easily handle consistent loads, heavy weights, as well as materials or chemicals that may stain or damage other flooring alternatives.

Flake floors are also a cost-effective alternative to granite, while still providing the same aesthetic appeal. Maintenance is simple and straightforward, with our flake floors also helping workplaces to establish a high standard of safety.

For more information on the long-term benefits of our garage flake flooring solutions, Melbourne customers can call our in-demand team today on 03 9544 4330.